Wii Fit price

Wii Fit Price

The Wii Fit price for the release looks set to be similar at most major UK suppliers. The big issue may not be where to buy in the UK but rather who has Wii Fit in stock.

The Wii Fit price looks set to be set between £59 and £79 with the average being at £69.

You can see the current average price spread here Wii Fit prices.

More Wii Fit Info

Videogame peripherals of the past sometimes put focus on the feet instead of the hands. From the Power Pad from the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System to the dance mat used in the Dance Dance Revolution series, gamers the world over have used their walking sticks for more physical gameplay experiences.

Wii Fit comes bundled with the Wii balance board, an accessory developed exclusively for the Wii console that will have a far-reaching impact for all who use it. It’s innovative, exciting and most of all fun and simple for all to use. It is a pressure sensitive, wireless balance board that goes on the floor – so someone can stand on it in front of the TV. It senses weight and shift in balance in any direction and therefore by standing on the Wii Balance Board during activities allows players to follow along to movements ensuring they have full control of the on-screen activities. This allows personal improvement goals to be set to effectively help you and your family to train and stay fit.

But nothing that preceded it can compare to Wii Fit and the Wii balance board, turning the living room into a fitness centre for the whole family. Wii Fit will include more than 40 types of training activities designed to appeal to all members of a household. Includes software and Wii Balance Board. Wii Fit price

October 21, 2016
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